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Author: Sharif Putra

Assalamulaikum dan Selamat Sejahtera kalian, apa khabar semua diharapkan hebat-hebat belaka. Siapa yang tidak kenal dengan rancangan TV NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC yang memaparkan kisah pelbagai dimensi, susungalur dan keunikan tentang sesuatu yang tidak pernah kita saksikan sebelum ini. Kali ini sengaja saya memaparkan beberapa koleksi terbaik dari NG sebagai perangsang minda dan idea kita bersama. Sebagai photographer kita harus rajin mencari idea untuk mencipta kelainan dan kepelbagaian dalam penghasilan koleksi foto-foto kita. Mari kita layan koleksi foto terbaik dari NG ini.

Foto 1 Serra da Leba, Angola, Photograph by Kostadin Luchansky

This is Serra da Leba, a landmark in Angola. It has been one of the country's postcard images for decades, but all shots were taken by day. I needed something different. I decided to try a night shot, but it seemed impossible: pitch black, foggy, an altitude of 1,800 meters (5,000 feet). My Nikon can stay open as long as 60 seconds max. But a car takes a few minutes to climb and descend and complete the "drawing." The fog was blocking! Suddenly the fog cleared, a car went down, another went up, and they met in the middle in under 60 seconds. Painting done.

Foto 2 Lightning, Cape Town Photograph by Warren Tyrer

Two separate lightning bolts converge over Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, with an amazing display of natural electricity.

Foto 3 Bottlenose Dolphins in Surf,  Photograph by Andrew Wong

Dolphins are known to jump out the back of big waves as they break against the shores. This pod of bottlenose dolphins was leisurely surfing in the waves as the offshore wind blew against the incoming waves, creating an atmosphere that was most unique and magical. At a place called Waterfall Bluff in the Transkei, South Africa.

Foto 4  Lightning, Superstition Mountains, Photograph by Robert Quinn

A thunderstorm strikes over the foothills of the Superstition Mountains in central Arizona.

Foto 5 Chicago City Lights, Photograph by Jim Richardson

Chicago at night burns bright under blankets of clouds. Much of the glow escapes from streetlamps, including clear, Victorian-style lamps good for creating atmosphere but poor for harnessing today's extra-bright bulbs.

Foto 6 Snoqualmie Falls, Washington, Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

Sunrise filtering through the rising mist at the base of the falls. A perfect moment. Snoqualmie Falls, Washington, 30 miles east of Seattle

Foto 7 Swan on the River Avon, Photograph by Jason Wickens

Captured one morning along the River Avon, this beautiful swan was cleaning itself before stretching its wings in a classic pose. The early morning sun rays add to the surreal image as they burn away the river mist.

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